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Mu4e Tags to Address

Jun 21 2020 · 1 min read
#mu4e #emacs #org_capture
I use emacs for email and org capture to keep track of my open loops. Recently I have been trying to combine the two and capture tasks that link to emails. I wanted to tag my capture items based on the inbox they fall into, :@home: for my personal and :@school for my school emails. I cobbled together this function based upon different stackexchange posts and figured I would share it here for anyone who wanted to do the same.
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Emacs for Email

Apr 12 2020 · 6 min read
#emacs #mu4e
Email management, when heavily abstracted, is simple. To start reading email offline on your own PC you need three programs: Sync email to/from IMAP server (mbsync) Manage email on your PC (mu and mu4e) Send email (msmtp) Once these three parts are working together then email can be downloaded, viewed, and replied to. Getting these programs working is no easy task, however.
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